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Our company's beginnings and greatest achievements

Drago Krošelj established the business Mizarstvo Krošelj, 25 years ago in Sevnica. During the years that followed, the business developed into a modern factory, LES-KRO, d.o.o., covering 6,100 square metres and equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and there are 40 employees in the company. During the last few years, 90 per cent of our business has been done with customers from abroad.

From a garage at home, to our own workshop...

Tradesman and entrepreneur Drago Krošelj became a joinery apprentice in 1965. In 1982 he decided to go down the very insecure path of being a tradesman. "I started my professional path on a very light-hearted day, 1 April" he recalls today.

He began working in the family’s home garage in Log. He worked the entire year by himself, and since 1992 he has employed one qualified joiner every year, mostly from the local area. The garage soon became too small, because the number of projectsfor Gorenje were increasing and for that reason he had to build a workshop with an area of 700m2 in the industrial zone in Boštanj. He continued to invest in new machines and employ new workers, and the business thrived and an additional, smaller workshop with an area of 400m2 was built near the larger one in Boštanj.

Open for new opportunities

Mizarstvo Krošelj gained its respect by producing more expensive surface furniture. In 1996, when the saw-mill in Sevnica went bankrupt, Drago Krošelj bought the site together with all the buildings. At first, it operated within Mizarstvo Krošelj, and in February 2001 Drago Krošelj also established the company LES-KRO d.o.o., with shared capital which specialized in the mass production of wooden products for the most demanding clients. At first, he established a production facility with an area of 1,000m2, and then soon after that he added an additional 500m2 facility designed for the paint room and the final assembly.

We are oriented toward foreign markets

We do not produce for stock and today our products are for well known clients. We took over the timber factory KOP Hrastnik in Dol with seven workers 16 years ago, and then after three years we moved it to the former sawmill in Sevnica. We began to produce furniture for larger buildings (we furnished most of the largest Slovenian post offices). In the last few years, 90% of our work is for foreign markets, the largest share belonging to hotel furniture.

In this way, LES-KRO significantly contributes to the fact that Sevnica remains the home of the Slovenian timber industry.

We are especially proud of some of our achievements:

  • Production of a table for the first conference of non-aligned nations
  • Hotel Punat on Krk - Croatia
  • Hotel Splendid – Montenegro
  • Cooperation with the English hotel chain, Marriott:
    • Hotel Park Lane
    • Hotel Marble Arch
    • Hotel Forest of Arden
    • Hotel Edinburgh
    • Hotel Sunderland
    • Hotel Heathrow Winsor
    • Hotel Manchester Airport
    • Hotel York
  • The Langham Hotel – England
  • Hotel Hyatt Regency Paris - France
  • Cooperation with the Irish design firm, Castlebrook:
    • Hotel HTB
    • Hotel GRM
  • ...

  • Please contact us for more information about working with us or about our product range.

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